UFC Anti-Doping Program

Team usada

The United States Anti-Doping Agency is a non-profit corporation under the direction of an independent Board of Directors. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USADA’s professional staff is responsible for managing and coordinating the organization’s testing, science & research, education, and adjudication initiatives. Click here for DCOs.

Executive Team

Travis T. Tygart

Chief Executive Officer

Sandi Briggs

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Cook

General Counsel

Matthew Fedoruk, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Matt Sicchio headshot

Matt Sicchio

Chief Operating Officer

General & Administrative

Alejandro Lugo


Shahera Shalabi headshot

Shahera Shalabi

Human Resources Senior Manager

Karen Knapp

Karen Knapp

AP & Procurement Supervisor

Odain Walters

Staff Accountant

no photo available

Martha Vargas

AR Accounting Coordinator

no photo available

Francoise Farrell

Executive Assistant


Adam Woullard

Director of communications

Averi Walker

Communications Manager

Dave Kottler headshot

Dave Kottler

Graphic Designer

Matthew Morgan

Video Producer & Editor

Hailey Radvillas

Communications Program Lead

Legal & Results management

Victor Burgos headshot

Victor Burgos

Chief Investigative Officer

Ted Koehler

Legal Affairs & Trial Counsel Manager

Nadia Soghomonian

Legal Affairs & Investigations Counsel

Lisa McCumber

Testing Results Manager

Chelsea Busa headshot

Chelsea Busa

Pro & Emerging Sports Paralegal

no photo available

Karin Caito


no photo available

Anna Sherohman

Olympic & Paralympic Paralegal

Johncie Wingard headshot

Johncie Wingard


TrueSport and Elite Education

Jennifer Royer, PhD

Senior Director of TrueSport & Awareness

Tammy Hanson

Elite Education Manager

Betsy Douglass

TrueSport operations and outreach education manager

Lisa Voight

TrueSport Partnership & Resources Manager

Scott Davern

Elite Education Lead

Audrey Shaw

TrueSport Outreach Education Program Lead

Grayson Potter headshot

Grayson Potter

Elite Education Coordinator

Testing & Athlete Services

Lindsey Stafford

Testing & Athlete Services Manager

Emily Bench

Athlete Services Lead

Hali Dickson

Athlete Services Coordinator

Mitchell Risdon headshot

Mitchell Risdon

Athlete Services Coordinator

Shelly Rodemer headshot

Shelly Rodemer

Administrative Assistant

Client Services

Brent Almand

Business Development Manager

Austin Marks

Client Services Coordinator

Technology & Innovation

Lambert Hubel headshot

Lambert Hubel

Information Technology Manager

Dave Knutson

Network Administrator

Kenyatta Leon

IT Tech Support

Kaushik Karandikar

Senior Software Engineer

Gabi King

Technology Projects Specialist

Brent Wood

Database Specialist

no photo available

Jevon Butler

Application Technical Support

Doping Control Officer Operations

Michael Thompson

DCO Operations Manager

Terese Cabanting

DCO Operations Supervisor

no photo available

Alfred Westley

Training and Development Coordinator

no photo available

Gloria Shalinsky

Distribution Administrative Assistant

UFC Operations

Ryan Carpenter

UFC Operations Senior Manager

Brandon Buchanan

UFC Operations Program Lead

Melissa McPherson

UFC Training & Testing Support Lead

Victoria Patterson

UFC International Testing Program Lead

no photo available

Kimberly Beach

UFC Operations & Compliance Coordinator

Science, Research & Development

Laura Lewis headshot.

Laura Lewis, PhD

Director of Science

Carol Congdon

Executive Administrator

Alex Bohl

Analytics & Reporting Program Lead

Drug Reference Resources

Amy Eichner, PhD

Special Advisor

Richard Mohr

Drug Reference Operations Manager

Benjamin Wheeler

TUE & Drug Reference Program Lead

Annie Jirele headshot

Annie Jirele

TUE & Drug Reference Coordinator

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