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In advance of your upcoming event, here are a few friendly reminders from USADA. Good luck in your upcoming bout!

  1. Update your whereabouts.

    • Search USADA in your application store for the USADA Updater App, or
    • Log in to UFCAthlete.USADA.org or update your whereabouts on the USADA Updater App.
    • Don’t have the USADA Updater App? No worries – search USADA in your application store.
    • Don’t forget to include your travel days in your whereabouts submission.
  2. Double-check the status of your medications.

    • Use UFC Global DRO website: UFC.GlobalDRO.com, or
    • Call 719-785-2000 or email ufcglobaldro@usada.org
    • Remember: There are commonly used medications/substances that are prohibited in-competition, such as:
      • Pseudoephedrine, commonly found in cold medication
      • Cortisone and other glucocorticoids, depending on the route of administration
      • ADHD medications
      • Pain killers, such as Oxycodone
  3. Request a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE).

    • If your medication is prohibited in-competition, apply for a TUE at UFC.USADA.org/tue/apply
    • Be aware that Athletic Commissions might also require you to submit a TUE application to them. Any substance or method prohibited by an Athletic Commission unless they are certain that an Athletic Commission TUE is in place.
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