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USADA Reports First Round of Athlete Test History for UFC Anti-Doping Program

USADA-UFC_PostsToday USADA posted the athlete test history for the first three months of the UFC Anti-Doping Program. The data can be found on the Athlete Test History web page of the UFC USADA site and will be regularly updated.

The UFC Anti-Doping Program began July 1, 2015. As was discussed at the press conference in June, the first three months of the program have primarily focused on ensuring UFC athletes have received the necessary education to understand their rights and responsibilities under the new anti-doping program. Education is an extremely important pillar of an effective anti-doping program and is the first line of defense in protecting the rights of clean athletes.

USADA has provided extensive anti-doping education to UFC athletes and support personnel around the world on all facets of the program, including prohibited substances and methods, whereabouts requirements, the sample collection process, dietary supplement awareness, therapeutic use exemption rules, as well as the general rules and guidelines of competing clean.

While the focus for the first three months of the program has largely been on education, many UFC athletes around the world have undergone both in-competition and out-of-competition testing. As of today (October 1, 2015), the testing aspect of the program will be further emphasized as all UFC athletes are now required to have their whereabouts on file with USADA. Whereabouts information is used to implement the full out-of-competition strategic testing plan, and allows athletes to be located at any time for no advance-notice out-of-competition testing.

“We have had the opportunity to speak with many athletes during this initial program phase, and we have appreciated their passion for protecting clean sport and their dedication to participating in a comprehensive anti-doping program,” said USADA CEO Travis T. Tygart. “The first three months have been right on track with the program launch plan, which necessarily included a large emphasis on the vitally important athlete education efforts. Now, with the whereabouts filing process complete, we begin the rollout of the full strategic out-of-competition testing plan.”

Athlete test history will continue to be updated regularly here.

For more information or media inquiries, email media@usada.org.

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