UFC Anti-Doping Program

UFC Prohibited List

The UFC Prohibited List is the adaptable document identifying substances and methods prohibited in the UFC. Broken down by categories, the Prohibited List identifies which substances and methods are prohibited in-competition only and at all times. The UFC Prohibited List is updated annually. While the UFC Prohibited List is extensive, USADA is here to help clean athletes understand the rules and regulations.
The easiest way to check the prohibited status of medications is to visit UFC Global DRO.

IV Infusions are Prohibited in the UFC

Stem Cell Therapies

As the field of regenerative medicine has advanced in recent years, athletes have increasingly turned to therapies that utilize biological substances, such as stem cells, to heal sports injuries faster. Researchers are still investigating the use of biological treatments, and their potential efficacy, but given the complicated and rapidly evolving nature of regenerative medicine, we share some of the most important information that athletes need to know about stem cell therapies.

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