UFC Anti-Doping Program

Publications & Policies

USADA makes available a number of publications, policies and procedures to help athletes and others understand anti-doping responsibilities including information on the UFC testing program; the UFC Anti-Doping Policy; medical advice and Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) information; whereabouts responsibilities; and sample collection process information.

This page contains a full list of all UFC related publications, policies, and procedures.

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General Athlete Information

2021 UFC Athlete Handbook

UFC Athlete Handbook CoverA  comprehensive resource providing an overview of the doping control process, athlete rights and responsibilities, and other crucial information.

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2021 UFC Wallet Card

UFC Anti-Doping Wallet Card 2021 cover image.A quick reference summary of prohibited and permitted substances under the UFC Prohibited List.

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Testing & Results Management

UFC Anti-Doping Policy

UFC Anti-Doping Policy cover image.Comprehensive document outlining the protocol and policies for the UFC Anti-Doping Programs and its implementation.

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UFC Whereabouts Policy

UFC Whereabouts Policy coverAll athletes in the UFC Registered Testing Pool must comply with the whereabouts requirements outlined in the UFC Whereabouts Policy.

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UFC Arbitration

UFC Arbitration Rules coverThe UFC Arbitration Rules will be followed for all potential anti-doping policy violations.

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WADA International Standard for Laboratories (ISL)

Cover image of the WADA International Standard for Laboratories 2021.The document ensures production of valid test results and evidentiary data to achieve uniform and harmonized results and reporting from all accredited laboratories.


Prohibited Substances & TUE Information

Prohibited List

UFC Prohibited List Effective June 1, 2021.The UFC Prohibited List is the comprehensive document identifying substances and methods prohibited in the UFC.


UFC Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) Policy

UFC TUE Policy cover image.This policy explains the process for the submission and approval of TUEs.

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Additional Publications

2020 USADA Annual Report

USADA is pleased to share its Annual Report for 2020 including independent financial audit report and highlights of the year’s activities.

For USADA Annual Reports prior to 2020, please visit USADA’s website. This will redirect you from the UFC Anti-Doping Program pages.

NOTE: The official text of all UFC specific anti-doping publications, policies, and rules is the English version published on the UFC anti-doping website at UFC.USADA.org. In the event that inconsistencies exist between the English and translated versions of these publications, the English versions shall prevail.

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