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If you determined that a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) is needed, please follow the steps below to complete the TUE application. Please note that the request for a TUE should be made:

  • At least 21 days in advance of an athlete’s intended use of the prohibited medication when the athlete is not scheduled to participate in a Bout; or
  • At least 90 days in advance of the athlete’s intended use when the athlete is scheduled to participate in any Bout more than 90 days in the future; or
  • As soon as practicable when the athlete is scheduled to participate in a Bout with less than 90 days advance notice.

USADA will consider late filed or applications for retroactive TUEs; however, the athlete does so at his or her own risk as USADA makes no guarantee regarding the processing of a TUE under such circumstances. Furthermore, in such instances, the athlete may be charged up to the full cost for processing the TUE application where such late filing, as determined by USADA, is not attributed to factors outside the athlete’s control.

TUE Application Steps

Step 1: Download the UFC TUE Application.

The English version of the UFC TUE Application Form must be completed in its entirety in English. USADA will not accept TUE forms completed in other languages. Applications not completed in English will be returned to the athlete. This translated versions of the USADA TUE are provided as a courtesy and are to be used for reference purposes only.

UFC TUE Application

UFC TUE Application (Portuguese)

Step 3: Bring Application Form and Relevant Guidance Document to your Primary Care Physician

Your doctor MUST fill out ALL forms correctly. Bring all forms with you to your doctor’s visit.

Please note, any TUE application submitted to USADA without medical documentation will be returned to the athlete and will not be processed.

Step 4: Review your TUE Application

Please review your TUE application prior to submission to ensure it is complete and includes the proper medical documentation organized in a logical fashion. All TUE applications must contain sufficient medical information, including clinic and laboratory testing notes, to allow the USADA TUE Committee make the same diagnosis and arrive at the same treatment plan as your physician without ever seeing the patient. At a minimum, please verify that you have provided the following medical documentation:

A) A complete, comprehensive medical history of your diagnosis (age of onset, severity, progression of symptoms over time, etc.) and management strategies (including a description of attempts to use non-prohibited medications, and a clear statement from your physician why the use of non-prohibited alternatives are not effective in symptom management).

B) Pre-medication lab results and pertinent measurements must be provided in addition to post-medication results (if applicable).

C) Physicians should send copies of medical records and not just a brief comment as to your medical condition and prescribed medication.

Step 6: Submit COMPLETED application to USADA. 

Submit your application by email to tue@usada.org or by fax to 719-785-2029.

Please note, any TUE application submitted to USADA without medical documentation will be returned to the athlete and will not be processed.

TUE applications submitted to USADA must be completed in English. Translations of the TUE application shall be used for reference purposes only. Medical notes may be provided in original language but may need translations in order to be processed. Language of correspondence with athletes from the TUE department will be in English only.

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