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USADA recently announced how the COVID-19 health crisis will impact its testing program to execute mission-critical testing. In fairness to athletes and to ensure the testing process remains a viable deterrent, we will temporarily delay test reporting on this page.

This search includes all in- and out-of-competition samples (blood and urine) collected on UFC athletes conducted under the UFC Anti-Doping Program. This search WILL NOT yield results conducted by USADA on athletes in the Olympic and Paralympic movements program. Click here for the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Athlete Test History.

This resource is intended to be used to determine the number of samples USADA has collected during test sessions on an individual UFC athlete during a given time period. One or two samples may be collected in a test session – blood, urine, or both. Thus, the number below does not necessarily equate to how many times an athlete has been visited by a USADA representative.

For total UFC testing numbers, please click here. For questions or clarification, please contact USADA’s Communication department at media@usada.org or by phone at 719-785-2046.

Last Updated: March 12, 2020

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