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An important part of the UFC Anti-Doping Program is the ability to test athletes without any advance notice in an out-of-competition setting. Athletes are subject to testing 365 days a year and do not have “off-seasons” or cutoff periods in which testing does not occur. Whereabouts information (dates, times, locations, etc.) is information submitted to USADA by an athlete that allows the athlete to be located for out-of-competition testing.

Submit & Update Your Whereabouts Now

When you are notified by USADA that you are included in the UFC Registered Testing Pool (RTP), you will submit and update your Whereabouts via the digital options below.

How does an athlete know if they must submit Whereabouts information?

UFC athletes will be notified by USADA if they are required to submit Whereabouts information.  As outlined in the UFC Anti-Doping Policy, UFC athletes who have been identified and notified that they are part of the UFC Registered Testing Pool (UFC RTP) are responsible for directly keeping USADA informed of their Whereabouts. UFC athletes who have not been notified of their responsibility to submit Whereabouts information may still be tested out-of-competition by USADA.

When must Whereabouts Information be submitted to USADA?

Athletes in the UFC RTP must submit their Whereabouts filings in the form of calendars, filled out online, detailing their regularly scheduled activities. As a result, there are four deadlines for Whereabouts filings:

  • Quarter 1 - December 15
  • Quarter 2 - March 15
  • Quarter 3 - June 15
  • Quarter 4 - September 15

Additionally, athletes must promptly update their Whereabouts filing information immediately upon learning that any information in a previously provided Whereabouts filing is incomplete, inaccurate or has changed.

How does an athlete provide Whereabouts updates to USADA?

Athletes can submit Whereabouts changes to USADA via the digital options at the top of this page.

  • Athlete Express Website: login to access your submission
  • Update USADA App available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Click the buttons below for USADA Updater App Video tutorials.

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Whereabouts Failures

Timely and accurate athlete Whereabouts information is a vital component of a robust and effective anti-doping program. It is critically important that athletes submit their quarterly Whereabouts filing by each deadline, update their Whereabouts information when quarterly plans change, and make sure that they are available at the locations and times specified on their Whereabouts filing or updates.

An athlete could receive a Whereabouts Failure in any of four ways:

  • Failure to submit a completed Whereabouts Filing by the deadline;
  • Failure to promptly update Whereabouts information;
  • Failure to provide accurate or sufficient information; or
  • Failure to be located for testing

Any combination of three Whereabouts Failures within a rolling 12-month period = Anti-Doping Policy Violation.


For more information on Whereabouts Failures, please consult the UFC Whereabouts Policy.

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