UFC Anti-Doping Program


If you determined that a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) is needed, please follow the steps below to complete the TUE application. Please note that the request for a TUE should be made:

  • At least 21 days in advance of an athlete’s intended use of the prohibited medication when the athlete is not scheduled to participate in a Bout; or
  • As soon as practicable when the athlete is scheduled to participate in a Bout with less than 90 days advance notice.

USADA will consider late filed or applications for retroactive TUEs; however, the athlete does so at his or her own risk as USADA makes no guarantee regarding the processing of a TUE under such circumstances. Furthermore, in such instances, the athlete may be charged up to the full cost for processing the TUE application where such late filing, as determined by USADA, is not attributed to factors outside the athlete’s control.


TUE Application Steps

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